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Brake Services

We often receive phone calls asking how much a brake job costs. While we understand why this is asked, it is difficult if not impossible to give an accurate or even a ball park price. Brake jobs are more than installing brake pads and rotors. When we perform a thorough brake inspection, we are also looking at the condition of the brake calipers. There are many moving parts and due to the corrosion that occurs from road salt, we need to make sure all the parts of the brake calipers are moving correctly. Otherwise those new brakes we put on today will not last very long. We also check the condition of the brake lines and brake hoses. We see too often brake lines that are very rusted and ready to fail - which will cause a loss of brake pedal when you need the brakes most!

Once we assess the brake system, we will give you a complete and accurate estimate. When we do perform the brake service, we not only replace the parts needed, but take extra time cleaning and lubricating the other components as needed - something other shops may or may not do. Although this takes some additional time, the benefit is longer lasting brakes and shorter stopping distances.


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